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Aurver Graphics is the graphic design studio of Durand Cosca—specializing in Corporate Identity and Print Design.?

Denver logo design based in the Aurora, Denver & Parker Areas.?

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Durand Cosca

Durand Cosca

Graphic Designer

Fan of sports, live music, stand-up comedy, beer and chicken wings.


I know the graphic design industry is a mystery to most people. What makes good design? It is about communication and problem solving.?I have collaborated for 10+ years with a wide range of businesses.

An illustrator in my notebooks way back when I was not paying attention in middle school.?My sketching moved towards portrait illustrations where the smallest details are a must. This has contributed to my transfer in the digital world. The smallest details are what can make your design work or not.

I eat, sleep and breathe eye-catching artwork. It is around in all of my favorite things. Sports, music, movies, you name it. The best have expert design backing them up. I am extremely competitive at what I do, so you will no doubt get excellent results.


Working with Aurver Graphics has been easy and professional. It?has been a delight as I feel I’m getting a great product, and it’s a seamless process each time. Durand pays close attention to detail and always delivers the products exactly to spec! Plus, I get good honest feedback on our ideas and concepts. Neill Moroney

President, A Major Difference

The experience was easy and fast!?Communication was stellar. Not a single part of it was frustrating. I was looking for a graphic designer that would listen to my ideas, but would also bring his own to the table and that’s exactly what I got.?The “post-sale” follow up and help is exceptional, too; not everyone would do that and?the extra?service?is very much appreciated. Mandy Dickerson

Autism Recovery Club

Durand is professional and always replies in a timely manner. You know he is really listening and understanding your project and vision when he sends over the first draft because it’s right in line with the conversation you had. I feel that you don’t often find a designer that takes the time to chat with you about your product &?understand the message and then turns it around and hands you back an image that emulates that message. Andrea Murphy

Owner-Operator, A-Dre Productions

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Aurora/Denver Logo Design | Custom Graphic Design

Durand Cosca
Email: durand@www.hhkk6.com
Phone: 303-345-5812 (text is quickest option)

P.O. Box 461533
Aurora, CO 80046

I look forward to hearing from you and your project!
Let me know what I can do for you.